I Live at the Mall

Before moving to Abu Dhabi, I probably went to a mall no more than once a year. We didn’t have malls in New York City and since Beth and I didn’t have a car, we never drove out to the suburbs to go shopping. It was only on the rare trip to see family in Texas that we might pop into a mall for some reason.

In Abu Dhabi, however, everything is in the mall.

Grocery store… mall.
Department store… mall.
Hypermarket… a combination of a grocery store and a department store in the mall.
Movie theater… mall.
Fast food or ice cream… mall.
Bookstore… mall.
CDs and Movies… mall.
Electronics… mall.
Cell phone providers… mall.
ATM Machine… in the grocery store at the mall.
Barber shop… mall.

Perhaps the only reason we don’t have to head to our local mall is if we want to go out for a nice dinner. In that case, we need a hotel… Unless of course, we go to the Beach Rotana which is attached to the mall closest to our temporary apartment, so it’s basically like going to the mall.

The funny thing is that we can’t just go to the big mall down the street from us. Sure that mall has one of every kind of store, but each individual store doesn’t have everything. For example, we like to do our grocery shopping at the LuLu Hypermarket which is in the Khalidiya or Al Wadha malls not at the Abu Dhabi Coop in the Abu Dhabi Mall. Then, there’s a Carrefour (French grocery store chain) at the Marina Mall which has food options that others don’t. We also hear that Spinney’s has the best produce, so we may have to start going there just for fruits and veggies.

Growing up, I was never cool enough to hang out at the mall, but now I’m cool enough to hang out there almost every day. Good things do come to those who wait <sarcasm>.

One Response to “I Live at the Mall”

  1. Marin Devine says:

    Since I take it you’re living in the Tourist Club area – you should keep an eye out for fruit and vegetable stores. Some of them have great produce and at cheap, cheap prices. In fact, I sadly left my fruit and vegetable guy behind when I moved out of the neighborhood. I’ll draw you a map…I swear his clementines, peaches and bananas are worth it.