Beth’s Healthy Lunch

On Friday night we had dinner at a nice restaurant which sat adjacent to the fountain at the Dubai Mall (see my other post for videos). I had a tasty lamb dish served on top of rice with vegetables. Beth had duck confit served on cassoulet. For those of you who don’t eat a lot of French food, that’s duck cooked in it’s own fat, served on top of potatoes and onions cooked in duck fat. It was basically a delicious excuse to eat duck fat for dinner.

So, on Saturday when we left the hotel for another fun day at the mall, we planned to try and find something a bit healthier. When we got to the food court, the first place we saw was a Johnny Rocket’s Hamburger stand. Despite her earlier demand for health food, Beth was quickly seduced by the idea of cooked burger and french fries. The tipping point, however, came with the realization that Johnny Rocket’s served authentic chocolate malts, not your regular milkshakes.

Before we left New York, Beth had searched several places in vain in a desperate hunt for one last malt. I think Beth might have been more excited about finding malt at the mall in Dubai than finding Dr. Pepper.

We did make a cursory circle of the rest of the food court before succumbing to our base need for junk food. Beth wound up choosing a chili-cheese dog. I’m sure it was quite healthy and contained several servings of fruits and vegetables. See the photographic evidence for yourself:

  • Our Healthy Lunch
  • Beth Needs a Napkin

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