Move to the Back of the Bus

Imagine my surprise to learn that all of Rosa Parks’s hard work has yet to pay off in Abu Dhabi.

As a crusader for justice and defender of the oppressed, I find it my mission to right a terrible wrong: men being forced to ride in the back of the bus.

Luckily, I am spared from this dirty prejudice, because my wife needs me to ride in front with her. My single brothers, however, must ride in the back like unwanted cargo.

As if by some cruel joke, the driver first opens the front door for them, but only so they can pay their fare. They are then turned away like stray animals and made to board from the rear door.

And what cause is given for this injustice? That women might be allowed reserved seating and be spared the lecherous gazes of the unwashed masses. In this case, literally unwashed.

It is a strange world that we inhabit. Blame it on global warming or violence on television, but “the man” is now keeping himself down.

Fear not, for I shall struggle on for justice in my new home. And I shall not rest until all chivalry is dead.

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