Brazil v. Iran

I been watching soccer actively since 2000 and have had the opportunity to see three English Premier League games in person. I’ve actively watched three world cups, but have until yesterday had only seen one international soccer match in person. Last night I got to truly experience “the beautiful game” live and in person.

Brazil is currently on some kind of a world tour and happened to stop through Abu Dhabi. Special thanks to Director of Athletics at NYUAD, Pete Dicce, for organizing the trip and making it such a great experience.

It wasn’t the full Brazil squad, but they did bring a number of their star players including: Robinho, Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Adriano, Lucas, Ramires, Pato, and Nilmar.

Seating was once again general admission, but at least this time there were enough people to make the stadium not feel empty. It certainly wasn’t full (probably 1/3 empty actually), but enough people to keep the cheers going throughout the game. I’ll admit I was surprised to see how many people were supporting Iran. It was my understanding that the UAE and Iran don’t really like each other, but perhaps regional loyalty won out.

Brazil looked very strong in the first half with Robinho running rampant up front. Though Brazil didn’t score their final two goals until the last twenty minutes (one in stoppage time), they never looked quite as dangerous after Robinho left the field.

I would have loved to see some of their true superstarts (Kaka, Maicon, Lucio, Luis Fabiano, Ronaldinho), but I just might get my wish if I can fly to Doha, Qatar in November to see Brazil play Argentina.

  • Stadium at Zayed Sports City
  • Brazil's First Goal by Dani Alves
  • Brazil Prepare for a Corner Kick
  • Robinho
  • Iran Test the Brazilian Goalkeeper
  • Pato Celebrates His Goal
  • Brazil's Samba Style
  • A Confident 3-0 to the Victors

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  1. Mom says:

    Glad you got to go and had a good time! Thanks for sharing pics…..