Masdar: (Yet Unbuilt) City of the Future

Along with all of the other big development projects going on in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the UAE has also launched the auspicious goal of creating the world’s first zero carbon footprint city. More information available on their webpage:

For now, however, only the Masdar Institute—a new school offering graduate level degrees in engineering, computer science, and urban planning/development—is currently built and open. The rest is still merely an apple is someone’s eye. With the economic downturn, the developers have decided to wait for private funding to complete the project rather than building it and hoping someone will come.

I got to visit as part of an advanced scout team doing reconnaissance to determine what would be of interest to our students and faculty in the future. The potential to build academic and professional partnerships is quite intriguing and think both parties are hopeful for what could develop.

  • Student/Faculty Housing and Academic Building
  • Detail of Housing
  • Faculty/Student Housing
  • Academic Building
  • Another Picture of Housing
  • Knowledge Center (aka Library)
  • Architectural Detail
  • Wind Trap
  • Misters to Keep You Cool
  • Robotic Transport Pod
  • Robotic Transport Pods
  • Library Interior

One Response to “Masdar: (Yet Unbuilt) City of the Future”

  1. don says:

    you said it all: the UNBUILT city of the future. And it will not be built beyond the institute and a few other buildings. There simply is no demand for the space given the millions of empty buildings in nearby Dubai.