Qatar’s World Cup Stadiums

I originally booked my trip to Doha, Qatar to watch Brazil play Argentina in a friendly football match. I was supposed to go with two students from NYUAD, but they weren’t able to get visas in time and had to stay behind. Luckily for me, my friend Pete Dicce, NYUAD’s athletics director, was also going to be in Doha so the two of us linked up and had a great time.

Pete was in Doha for a major athletics convention. He got to sit in on panel discussions with experts like Sir Alex Ferguson (manager of Manchester United) and discuss topics related to the future of sports and coaching. The event was held at the Aspire Zone, a massive athletics complex with facilities to host almost any sport on the planet.

Pete snuck me in the afternoon I arrived in Doha and took me on a quick tour.

The best part of the tour, however, was an exhibit displaying models for all of the proposed stadiums for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid. You could tell that the stadiums were all inspired by recent projects like the “Bird’s Nest” and the Swimming Cube in Beijing. Each of equally impressive for a different reason—one in particular is designed where the entire outside of the stadium can function as giant TV screens with the game broadcast outside for fans.

For better views of the stadiums, check out this photo gallery hosted by the Guardian.

The most controversial aspect of Doha’s bid for the World Cup is that all of the stadiums will be open-air and exposed to the searing heat of the desert summer. To counteract the 100+ degree heat, all of the stadiums will be climate controlled in order to cool players and fans alike. More information available on Wikipedia.

  • Indoor Track and Field Facilities
  • Indoor Soccer Field/Convention Space
  • Lusail Iconic Stadium
  • Al-Gharrafa Stadium
  • Al-Rayyan Stadium
  • Education City Stadium
  • Al-Wakrah Stadium
  • Al-Shamal Stadium
  • Al-Khor Stadium
  • Doha Port Stadium
  • Qatar University Stadium
  • Umm Slal Stadium

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