Special Guest Lecturer: The College Dropout

A lot of people don’t like Kanye West. I’ve never met the man, nor has he ever interrupted me during an award acceptance speech or condemned me during a disaster relief telethon, so I’ll reserve judgement just for his music. Simply put, I like his music. His rhymes, while distasteful to some, are actually quite skillful. You also have to recognize his ability to create music in addition to penning lyrics.

Kanye was the first concert in a set of three (him, Linkin Park and Prince) in conjunction with this year’s Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi. NYUAD was able to get free tickets for all of our students and I managed to snag one as well. I got there just in time to make my way to the very front of the crowd (and to stand around waiting for about 2 hours for the show to start).

I was surprised by the diversity in the crowd. Of course the majority were young adults like me, but in addition to the high school kids, there were plenty of families with small children and even a few senior citizens roaming around.

I’ve been to a couple of rap shows in my day and was especially impressed with how Kanye performed. He didn’t have 12 guys on stage with him barking into a microphone. He also didn’t have half the song pre-recorded. In fact, he had a live band with him. The best parts of the show, however, were when Kanye would break out his beat machine and mix on the fly.

Kanye West Rocks the Crowd

Kanye West Rocks the Crowd

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