Desert Safari

Another fun thing we did with my parents when they came to visit was a desert safari. Sure, these are fairly staged experiences, but so are more “cultural” experiences wherever you go. We got to drive out in the desert, hold a falcon, see the falcon “hunt,” go dune-bashing in a 4×4, and watch Saluki hunting dogs chase a rabbit all before enjoying an Arabic bbq under the stars.

  • Falcon on its Perch
  • Desert Camp
  • Vic Holding the Falcon
  • Vic with Falcon
  • Gwen Holding the Falcon
  • Gwen with Falcon
  • Dad Holding a Falcon
  • Sheikh Donald bin Homer al Lindsay
  • Beduin Princesses Kate and Gwen
  • Oil Tycoons
  • Mom and Gwen Riding Camels
  • Kate Rides a Camel
  • Dad Posing on a Camel
  • Giddy Up!
  • Vic Getting Ready to Ride a Camel
  • Me and My Dad Riding Camels
  • Vic Riding a Camel
  • Falcon Wearing Hood
  • Falcon Eats its "Prey"
  • Barren Landscape
  • Desert Outside Abu Dhabi
  • Gwen with Our 4x4 Driver
  • Dune-bash Drivers
  • Saluki Hunting Dog
  • Saqer Falcon
  • An Ethiopian Woman Draws Henna Tattoo on My Mom
  • Henna Artist
  • Henna Tattoo Drying on Mom's Arm
  • Vic and Don in the Desert Tent
  • Gwen Relaxing in the Desert Tent
  • Kate and Vic in the Desert Tent
  • Tea for Dessert in the Desert

One Response to “Desert Safari”

  1. Erin says:

    Vic, this feels like a ridiculous thing to say, but I actually think you make that camel look kind of small!