Bali, Part 3: Ubud and the Monkey Forest

After leaving Zen Resort, we traveled back towards the center of Bali for our last two nights in Ubud.

We were lucky enough to stay at Villa Semana when we narrowly averted a serious vacation catastrophe. Only a few days before we left Abu Dhabi, I was double checking all of our arrangements and noticed that there had been a mistake with our hotel reservation in Ubud. Somewhere along the line there must have been a miscommunication, because the hotel listed our stay for April, not July. A few panicked phone calls later, we were able to correct the problem and the hotel even through in a few spa treatment.

The hotel was lovely. Our room featured a small entryway with a semi-enclosed outdoor sitting area with views of a local rice paddy. We even had our own private plunge pool.

Unlike our previous stay at Zen Spa, the goal for Ubud was to do more than just relax at the hotel. We wanted to get out and see the city and explore some of Bali’s cultural and historic offerings as well as do some shopping.

Our first stop was at the nearby Monkey Forest. Keep your bags and your children close, because these monkeys are wild and they’re everywhere. There are staff inside the park to make sure things don’t get too out of control, but the monkeys are definitely running the place.

Local vendors were selling bananas, but we quickly saw why we didn’t want to be considered a food distribution point. The monkeys aren’t stupid and they know when you’re holding out on them. People with bananas in their pockets or bags were liable to be surrounded with monkeys or have one climb up on to you in order to unearth hidden munchies.

The forest itself, however, was fantastic. The trees were huge and most have been hundreds of years old.

We had planned to attend a local dance performance that evening, but Beth started feeling under the weather, so we decided to just rest at the hotel as we knew we had a long flight home the next day.

  • Mother and Baby Monkey
  • Villa Semana
  • Entrance to Our Room at Villa Semana
  • Open-Air Sitting Room
  • Private Plunge Pool and Rice Paddy Views
  • Our Personal Rice Paddy
  • Special Anniversary Surprise
  • Detail of Door
  • Welcoming Statue
  • Pool at Villa Semana
  • River at Villa Semana
  • River and Spa at Villa Semana
  • Pool at Villa Semana
  • Lush Green at Villa Semana
  • Ubud Monkey Forest
  • Young Monkey
  • Old Monkey
  • Vic and Beth and the Monkey Forest Temple
  • Details of Statues
  • Temple Inside the Monkey Forest
  • Lone Monkey Inside Temple
  • Monkey Forest Cemetery

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