I Heart Abu Dhabi

Vic and I recently returned to the US for three weeks. We had a wonderful time. (Shout out to all the friends and family who were part of this wonderful time!) On the lengthy trip back, however, I realized that I was looking forward to coming home, and that home is now Abu Dhabi. Thus, I present a list of things I really like about Abu Dhabi, in no particular order.

Picking my seat ahead of time at movie theaters! We just discovered this week that when you buy the tickets online, you also get to pick your seat, not only when you buy them at the theater. Score!

Yoga on the beach on Saturday mornings! Although it’s over for the summer, I cannot wait to start up again this fall.

And along those same lines, living near a very nice, inexpensive (10 dirhams, about 3 dollars) beach is pretty great. You may not be able to tell by my still-very-fair skin tone, but I actually like going to the beach now.

Indian food. I thought I’d had good Indian food back in Curry Hill in NYC, but boy, was I wrong! Indian food in Abu Dhabi is beyond-words delicious, and you can spend however much you want!

Hello, Arabic food. Marroush, this place near where I work, has got to be my favorite. I so enjoy their cocktail Marroush (avocado, mango, strawberry and raw almonds), their sandwich falafel and the chicken machine. (that’s how you order each of the three)

Mangos. The Pakistani mangos just arrived and they are delicious. I never liked mangos in the US, and now I’m pretty sure that’s because I never had a good one before moving here.

Lemon mint aka lemonade with mint. So refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

Winter. Sunshine everyday (well, almost!), highs in the mid 20s (that’s mid 70s for my fellow Americans), no threat of rain. Sigh. I can’t wait for November!


Massages and absolutely necessary, not-at-all frivolous pedicures. When you wear sandals every day, your toes need to look good.

Oh yes, that’s something else I highly enjoy: wearing sandals every day! The only time I wear socks is when I go to the gym.

I never need to bundle up to go out. Sometimes I need to bundle up to go in to the mall or a movie theater, but never to go out.

Cheap cab rides. Here in Abu Dhabi, we hardly ever pay more than 10 dirhams for a taxi. Vic and I choose not to have a car (at least for now), and we’re perfectly able to get around either via taxi or by renting a car when we need it.

And of course, the new friends we’ve made since moving here. đŸ™‚

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