Football Bucket List: AC Milan

If you asked me for my favorite Italian soccer team, I’d probably say AS Roma. But, honestly, that really dates back to the early 2000’s when Gabriel Batistuta was around and Totti was at his absolute best. Regardless, however, anyone who knows soccer knows the San Siro. When Beth and I decided to visit Milan for Eid, I knew that I had to get to match in order to pay respect to the Gods of Football in one of it’s greatest houses of worship.

Just like every other day we spent in Milan, it rained throughout the match. Luckily enough for us, our seats were just far enough back that we were securely covered by the roof and so we actually got to dry off for a bit. And while the stadium was far from full, the dedicated local fans still came out in full force with their flares, their smoke bombs, and their love for their team.

The result was never in question. Within 7 minutes, Milan had already been awarded a penalty which Ibrahimovic easily converted. Robinho then took over the game and put on a serious show. He bombed down the left side and was at the point of every attack. The reward came on 21 minutes when he lashed home another fantastic goal for the home side. Two more goals in the second half sealed the deal. The other player who really impressed me was Clarence Seedorf. For a guy who’s 35 (I know that’s not really old, but for soccer he’s practically ancient), he still completely dominated the midfield and bent the game to his will.

  • The San Siro
  • The Local Fans
  • Hooligan Banners
  • The Ultras
  • The Ultras
  • Pre-Match Flares
  • Green and Yellow Smoke Bombs
  • Ready for Kick-Off
  • National Anthem
  • Ibrahimovic Scores from the Penalty Spot
  • This Guy is Leading the Cheers

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