Al Ain Falcon Festival

As do so many events in the UAE, Al Ain hosted a world-wide falcon festival and I almost never heard about it. Luckily for us, John and Judy Daniel were in town and so we had just happened to scour the local events listings.

Representatives from something like 75+ countries were in attendance with their falcons, hawks, eagles, vultures, owls, and all manner of predatory birds. We got to see the British delegation demonstrate how they hunt with falcons from horse-back, as well as how the eagles of Mongolia can be used to hunt fox. The culmination to the day, however, was a parade of nations where all of the falconers (and their falcons) walked around the ground so that everyone could get a good look at the birds.

  • Judy Holding a Falcon
  • British Falconers with Hunting Horns
  • Emirati Horsemen
  • Emirati Spear-Hunting
  • Emirati Spear-Hunting
  • Mongolian Falconer
  • Mongolian Falconers
  • Falconer from Uzbekistan
  • Falconers from Uzbekistan
  • Japanese Falconer
  • European Falconers
  • Falconers from Turkmenistan
  • Falconer from South America
  • Mexican Falconer
  • Australian Falconer
  • Peruvian Falconer
  • Belgian Falconer
  • Tunisian Falconers
  • Falconers from Malta
  • American Bald Eagle
  • Polish Falconers
  • Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, and Romania
  • Pakistani Falconer
  • Indian Falconers

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