A Taste of Heaven (and Hell) in Ko Samui

…Don’t worry, the hell comment in the title has nothing negatively to do with the hotel. It’s about my interactions with fire in association with out stay there.

Beth and I returned from India with the soccer team on January 24th. We got home at about 2am. We went to sleep, got up the next morning, repacked our suitcases and got on a plane and went to Thailand. It was a vacation we planned with almost no notice. Beth found a fantastic hotel on Jetsetter.com and we were on our way.

We could not have been much happier at Elements Boutique Resort and Spa. Situated on the less-populated southern side of Ko Samui, it offered a relaxing and comfortable place to unwind and enjoy our vacation. As usual, we took full advantage of the resort’s spa by enjoying several different treatments. I don’t particularly recommend their hot stone massage (due to a surprising lack of hot stones), but they staff and quality of their other treatments were very good.

One other random comment about the spa… There are some semi-feral cats which roam around the resort. One particular cat and her new kittens seemed to have taken up residence in the spa and would regularly serenade our treatments with their meows. I’m not always the biggest fan of the cheesy massage music you get in spas, but I’ll admit, I the cats were a bit distracting. They sounded like they were in the room with me, and I kept thinking one of them was just going to jump up on the massage table at any moment.

Beth and I arrived at the resort just in time for lunch on our first day. I ordered a spicy thai beef salad, that upon arrival, it looked delicious. To my shock and surprise, it was probably the single spiciest thing I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. I could feel two particular areas on the bottom edges of my tongue actually catching fire as I continued to eat. No amount of water (or margarita) seemed to staunch the flames in my mouth. I normally do well with spicy foods, so I was fairly embarrassed with how I handled the situation. The waiter noticed my distress and began to tease me. This shaming went on for a few more days when each morning he would ask me if I wanted my pancakes “spicy or not spicy.” In an effort to redeem myself, I ordered another spicy thai beef salad at a totally different restaurant and had almost the same reaction. I actually began to wonder if I might be allergic to those particular peppers.

We also enjoyed two dinner performances during our stay at Elements. Our first night featured a group of traditional thai dancers entertaining while we sampled signature thai dishes on the beach. The ladies changed costumes between each song and it made for a very nice evening. Another night, the hotel served a bbq buffet on the beach followed by another performance. You’ll have to watch the videos to really understand what happened, but basically these two guys juggled and twirled blazing torches and ropes in hypnotizing patterns of light. The finale (see the second video) had Beth seriously worried that something was going to catch fire.

  • Traditional Thai Dancers on the Beach at Elements
  • Elements Boutique Resort and Spa
  • The Pool at Elements Boutique Resort and Spa
  • The Beach at Elements Boutique Resort and Spa
  • Beth Really Liked This Saying
  • Fire Dancer on the Beach at Elements
  • Fire Dancer on the Beach at Elements
  • Fire Dancer on the Beach at Elements
  • Fire Dancer on the Beach at Elements
  • Fire Dancer on the Beach at Elements
  • Fire Dancer on the Beach at Elements

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  1. gwen poe says:

    Thrilled to hear of your adventures. You are so exciting. I’m so proud of you.
    hugs, GrammaGwen