Places I Like to Eat Near Sama Tower

Today, I had a request to post a list of places I like to eat within walking distance of Sama Tower. I’m still shocked that anyone who doesn’t already know (and love!) Vic and me would be interested in reading what we have to say, but here goes:

Little Foodlands: this is directly behind Sama, and behind the white NMC building with the Sheik’s portrait on it. They have great shwarma. Vic particularly likes it; I’ve only been once I think. I don’t believe they’re open for lunch, but don’t quote me.

Big Foodlands: this is on the other side of the HSBC building on Airport road. They have excellent Indian food, so this is all I’ve ever gotten there, although they also serve Chinese, Arabic and Continental cuisine. I think they have the best naan, particularly the best naan for delivery of any Indian place I’ve tried.

Mirabel: in the Mark’s and Spencer building across Electra street on the way to the Corniche. Mirabel serves high quality European food. I really like their fish and chips and this warm goat cheese salad. They also do a nice brunch, but we rarely go out for brunch because Vic doesn’t eat eggs.

Olivella: a pizzeria owned/run by the same team that does Mirabel. Some of the best pizza in town. I like the roast veggie pizza, and the caprese salad was good. Mirabel and Olivella serve the best mozzarella I’ve had in Abu Dhabi.

While we’re in the Mark’s and Spencer building, I just want to mention that M&S has a little food market that has some good stuff. I particularly like this frozen pasta/vegetable bake dish…it is so good I buy way too many of them.

Ma Wa Weel: Arabic food that’s all the way across the block on Al Falah Street. They serve you a basket of whole, raw veggies as part of the welcome mezze! We like to go here in groups. Actually we do that for all Arabic restaurants.

ARGH! I just finished this post and lost the second half because it didn’t auto save. Grrr! Anyway…

Sangeetha: Vegetarian Indian. It’s on the backside of the buildings on Electra Street, near Cristal hotel. If you’re a woman or with a woman, head upstairs to the family room. Can be a bit spicy. My favorite is the gobi manchurian dry.

De Thali: another Indian place that specializes in (you guessed it!) thali, which is a plate of 5-7 little dishes, including rice, naan/roti, and daal. This is in the food court in Madinat Zayed shopping center. There’s also a Wendy’s, two fried chicken places, another Indian restaurant, and a Persian restaurant in the food court, but I haven’t been to them. (OK, I went to the Wendy’s once in a moment of weakness.)

I feel obligated to mention that there’s a Subway in Sama tower. But I detest Subway and have never eaten (nor do I intend to eat) there. If you’re an NYUAD faculty, staff or student, there’s also the NYUAD cafeteria, which really isn’t half bad.

Well, that’s about all the springs to mind immediately. Enjoy!

And, if you’re based in the neighborhood, where do you like to eat? There are a lot of new neighbors who’d like some advice, and I’m always game to learn about new places!

đŸ™‚ Beth

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