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Missed It By That Much!…in Bali

Missed It By That Much! Bali

I recently wrote an email to a friend about our trip to Bali, and I realized that the story is probably worth sharing with a wider audience. Let me preface this by saying that Bali was fantastic — we had an amazing time. It was so restful and relaxing, and we were very fortunate to […]

Bali, Part 3: Ubud and the Monkey Forest

Bali, Part 3: Ubud and the Monkey Forest

After leaving Zen Resort, we traveled back towards the center of Bali for our last two nights in Ubud. We were lucky enough to stay at Villa Semana when we narrowly averted a serious vacation catastrophe. Only a few days before we left Abu Dhabi, I was double checking all of our arrangements and noticed […]